Court Referred Individuals

OneOC works with all of Orange County’s courts, connecting those with alternative sentences to community programs. If you are interested in accessing the 11,000+ court referred individuals, below are the requirements and guidelines that qualify agencies to participate. If your agency qualifies, you will be sent only volunteers that meet the criteria on your application.

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Type of Work that Qualifies
  • An agency must have work assignments that serve the community at large rather than just a group, congregation, or membership
  • The work can not be solicitation – either phone or face-to-face
  • Agencies must have an office location and hours
  • Agencies must agree to supervise, keep records, and communicate with the CRP as detailed below


Working with Court Referred Individuals
  • An agency staff member must supervise CRP individuals at all times
  • Instruct each CRP individual about the work assignment, safety precautions, and attendee requirements
  • Provide required rest and meal breaks – varies by agency
  • Give credit only for actual hours worked (no credit for financial or in-kind donations, hard work, meeting/church attendance etc.)
  • Do not allow a CRP individual to work past the completion date indicated on timesheet
  • Immediately report any injuries or problems to OneOC


Time Sheet Requirements
  • All CRP individuals placed in your agency will have a timesheet issued by CRP each day a CRP individual works
  • Keep all time sheets in a safe, secure, and central location at your agency site
  • Upon completion of hours, give the original time sheet to the CRP individual, instructing him/her to return it to the OneOC offices.  Retain a copy for the legally required thee-year period
  • Return the original time sheet to OneOC if the CRP individual fails to complete the assigned hours by the completion date



To be considered to receive court-mandated volunteers, apply now by completing these two forms:

Submit completed forms via scanned e-mail, fax, or post service to:

Sara Tuckerman-Cluff,
Court Referral Program Director
Court Referral Program
1901 E. 4th Street, Suite 180
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Fax: 714-834-0585



If you have question about these guidelines or need to report a CRP individual problem or injury, contact Sara Tuckerman-Cluff, Program Director, at 714-953-5757 ext. 180.