My Favorite Four-Letter Words

By: James M. Greenfield, ACFRE, FAHPOneOC Consultant Advisory Group memberEveryone has a favorite word or expression they use often.  What are your favorite words to use for fundraising?  I have sev ...

Oct 8, 2012

Are boards worth the trouble? What we learn from the Refigerator Argument

Too often we ask ourselves “are boards are worth it? Worth all the work, energy and turmoil they often require?”As a consultant, I’ve immersed myself with case studies, best practices, stats, real li ...

Oct 1, 2012

Executive Compensation: Finding the Perfect Balance

It’s budget time, which means we are about to get inundated with questions about EXECUTIVE COMPENSATIONExecutive compensation is a hot-topic button with our nonprofits. Here at OneOC we frequently ha ...

Sep 12, 2012
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