OneOC is unveiling the "not new, yet definitely improved" Board Connection program!

Does your nonprofit need trained board members?

If your nonprofit is either a OneOC Accelerated or Premium Member (hint: sign up here!), you receive access to prospective board members through our Board Connection program.

Here's how it works:

Board Connection for Nonprofits

Board Connection teaches prospective board members the skills necessary to successfully serve on a board. Offered several times throughout the year, Board Connection gives participants the "inside scoop" of board service and facts about nonprofit boards, characteristics of boards at different organizational lifecycle stages, board responsibilities, and techniques on how to be a successful board member. Participants will learn how to search for board member positions on and will be expressing interest in the board positions that are of interest to them. One of those board positions could be your organization's!

Is your board position listed on OneOC's exclusive database?

How your nonprofit can participate:

• Be a OneOC Accelerated or Premium Member
• Review, sign, and submit a Board Connection Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Learn how to post your board position on (we'll train you), then post your position
• Follow up with prospective board connection participants in a timely manner (as outlined in the MOU)

NOT Accelerated or Premium Member, yet want to participate in this exciting program? Click here to upgrade your membership!

Click here to view the Board Connection Expectations.

Click here to view and submit the Board Connection MOU for Nonprofits

Click here to see a Board Connection Volunteer Position Description Sample.

Questions? Please contact OneOC at 714-953-5757  or e-mail

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