What is a Charitable Giving Fund?

You can easily set up your company foundation at OneOC by establishing a Charitable Giving Fund, an account dedicated to company charitable giving. A OneOC Donor Advised Fund offers more flexibility, confidentiality, and tax benefits compared to establishing a company 501(c)private foundation. Because OneOC is a 501(c)(3) public charity, any amount you contribute to your Charitable Giving Fund will be recognized as a tax-deductible donation. OneOC takes care of all the administrative and legal back-office work, allowing you to focus on philanthropy and grant to the charities and causes your company and its employees care about most.

Benefits of Starting your own Company Charitable Giving Fund
  • Increase your visibility in the community
  • Maximize the tax and budget aspects of your company's philanthropy
  • Organize your company giving under one structure


More useful resources and documents
How to use your fund

You choose your charities

Enjoy granting to any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States. Rest assured that OneOC will exercise due diligence to make sure grants are given to organizations that have met 501(c)(3) IRS requirements, and will ensure that grants are in accordance with IRS regulations. Please note that your charitable fund cannot be used for the following purposes:

To fulfill your personal irrevocable or legally binding pledge or other financial  obligation made to a nonprofit, religious or educational institution;

  •          To support a political campaign;
  •          To purchase raffle tickets;
  •          To pay for a membership, dinner, or any other activity that provides a benefit to you;
  •          To pay for personal expenses incurred by a relative, including tuition;
  •          To provide any other substantial private benefit to any individual.


You get the credit

All grant checks feature your fund name on the check so the charity clearly understands the donation is from you. If you choose to make an anonymous grant, the check will read “Anonymous Donor.” To protect your privacy, we do not share your contact information with nonprofit organizations. Any correspondence that is sent to your fund’s attention at OneOC’s address will be forwarded to you.


You pick the investment option that is right for you

You may choose to let your financial advisor manage your assets or invest your funds in one or more of OneOC’s investment pools. OneOC’s pools: Equity, Fixed Income, Alternative Investment and Money Market.  If you would like a description of each pool, please contact OneOC. To change your investment mix, contact OneOC. You may change your current mix at any time.  However, OneOC physically moves assets only at the close of each month.


Fund statements

For the health of the environment, all  fund statements are posted online and are available to e-mail or download at the  bottom of your fund summary. To request that hard copies be mailed to you, please contact business services at support@OneOC.org.

Fund Essentials
Your Fund Establishing Document

This is the document you signed to establish  your fund. You may revise this document at any time by contacting the Business Services at support@OneOC.org. Keep a copy of your Establishing Document with your other important records.


Your Fund Name

You may change the name of your fund at any time by contacting Business Services at support@OneOC.org. Of course, all information about your fund is confidential. You even can choose to send anonymous grant checks from time to time if you wish.


Your Fund Identification Number

Your fund has its own identification number, similar to an account number at a financial institution. You will need your fund  identification number if you choose to make contributions to your fund by mailing  a check, making a wire transfer of cash or securities, or transferring stock certificates, and/or if you choose to grant from your fund by e-mail, fax, or mailed request to Business Services at support@OneOC.org (If you don’t have your fund identification number handy, OneOC can look it up for you.)


Your Online User Name and Password

The most direct way to manage your fund is online through the Donor Central system located here. You can check your fund balance, review a fund statement, review and sort historical contribution and grant activity within your fund, and make grants from your fund to any nonprofit organization of your choice, anywhere in the country.

TIP: When you use your fund to organize all of your giving, tax time is a breeze. Just click the year-to-date contribution history in the online system for a total of your tax-deductible contributions to your fund. (While contributions to your fund are tax-deductible charitable gifts, grants taken out of your fund are not considered tax-deductible.)


Contributions and Grants

Grant suggestion forms and instructions for giving stock, mutual funds or other types of assets to your fund are available online in the My Fund section. Contact Business Services at support@OneOC.org to have these sent to you. You can contribute with a credit card by visiting the Donor Central page. You can also mail a check made payable to your fund to 1901 E. 4th St, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly are contributions posted to my fund?

A: The fund summary page on your Donor Central displays the balance and year-to-date activity. Contributions will normally be reflected within three working days of receipt. Receipt of assets other than cash (stock gifts, real estate, etc.) may take longer to be reflected in the fund balance. Administrative fees and net investment returns (realized and unrealized capital gains and losses, interest, dividends and investment management fees) are allocated monthly. Contributions are reflected as of the date their deposit is confirmed.

Q: What confirmation will I receive from OneOC that my grant requests have been completed?

A: You will receive a confirmation message that your grant request is being processed, and another confirmation when your grant check has been mailed. Please allow three to five business days for processing grants.


Q: Are grant checks mailed to the organization directly, or are they mailed back to me so that I can personally mail them to the organization?

A: It’s your choice. At the bottom of the online grant suggestion form is a drop down box where you can choose to have the check mailed directly to the organization from your fund or request a check to be mailed to you for personal delivery.

Ways to use your Company Charitable Giving Fund
Disaster Relief

A disaster relief fund is an immediate way for your company to demonstrate that it cares. The relief fund comes with full capacity for online donations.



We have processes and systems to establish a scholarship program for your company and employees to support worthy students in their educational pursuits.



Enhance your employees’ volunteering efforts with a monetary match.


Employee Matching Gifts

Enhance your employees’ generous contributions to their favorite nonprofit organizations through an employee matching gift fund. Whether a company match is $100 a year or $1,000, and whether the match extends to all employees or just to the executive team, we can administer a customized program for you.


Assistance Program

Provide assistance to employees who face an emergency or crisis.


Charity Events

Host special events to raise funds for your charitable purposes.


The donor advised fund that Fluidmaster established through OneOC was a great alternative to setting up a foundation of our own.   Any donors, including ourselves, are able to make contributions to our fund, take an immediate tax deduction, and then we are able to make grants to the charities of our teams choice. OneOC’s assistance in establishing these funds has allowed us to operate with the capacity of a foundation using very little resources, while making a huge impact in our community.  I highly recommend this for companies who are looking for an easy way to start or manage their charitable giving program.

Todd Talbot | President of Fluidmaster