OneOC's team of nonprofit experts provide comprehensive & customizable HR Service Solutions to help you attract star talent, create positive employee experiences and grow your business.

Why Use OneOC's HR Service Solutions
  • Expertise and Experience - OneOC's team of HR experts possesses over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.
  • Mission Impact - Focus on fulfilling your mission while we focus on your talent acquisition & development needs.
  • Talent Acquisition & Development - Get your job opportunities filled as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Partner in Accelerating Success - OneOC provides our nonprofit HR expertise to service our community, adding value, saving time and hiring the best employees for the future of your organization.


About OneOC's HR Service Solutions

According to Gallup, there are seven stages in the employee lifecycle: attract, hire, onboard, engage, perform, develop and depart. It is interactions through this lifecycle that make up the employee experience. Through our HR Service Solutions, OneOC provides services that touch each stage of the employee lifecycle to help you attract and retain your top talent and build exceptional employee experiences.

  1. Attract
  2. Hire
  3. Onboard 
    • Onboard program design (consulting service)
  4. Engage
    • Employee engagement programs: 
      • Engagement Surveys
      • Recognition programs
      • Employee engagement committees
      • Stay interviews
  5. Perform
    • Consulting services including:
      • Performance Reviews
      • 360 Reviews
  6. Develop
  7. Depart
    • Exit interviews


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