OneOC provides the back office administrative functions to other non-profits, offering services such as accounting, payroll and grant management.

Nonprofit Accounting Service Offerings

OneOC offers a full range of accounting services to our nonprofit members so they can focus on what they do best and fulfill their mission.  We handle the day to day details of processing the accounting transactions. We use a Team Approach with a constant monthly fee. General service offerings for accounting include:

  • Set Up/Transfer Records
  • Revenue Processing
  • Expenditure Processing
  • Account Reconciling
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budget Assistance
  • Implementing accounting procedures
  • Training/Education
  • Accounting forms/templates
  • Grant Financial Management
  • Cloud-based, paperless
  • Report access

Access to additional consulting services available such as:

OneOC is a nonprofit’s best friend. Our tight budget would never allow us to hire the high level financial expertise we found at OneOC. They guided and helped us in a myriad of ways we didn’t even know we needed. The staff and management are a delight to work with. Very personalized help and support. We are indebted. Thank you OneOC!

Janine Schroth | Executive Director of Straight Talk
Why Choose OneOC for Accounting?
  • Expertise and Experience – As a nonprofit, we understand the internal & external needs of accounting and financial reporting along with the nuances and challenges nonprofits face.
  • Mission Impact – We understand the importance of nonprofits focusing on delivering programs to the community and the need for as many dollars as possible to go towards the mission. That is why we will make it as easy as possible for nonprofits to provide them with what is needed for financial reporting.
  • Grant Reporting & Compliance – OneOC has extensive experience with grant reporting and compliance for themselves and a multitude of other nonprofit organizations in diverse areas. Our flexibility and knowledge helps nonprofits successfully meet the requirements of granting agencies.
  • Partner Accelerating Success –As a strong partner with nonprofits helping them accelerate their success, we open up access to many other services that will benefit your nonprofit such as learning & development programs, consulting & coaching services, volunteer services, business resources and so much more.

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