OneOC’s Organizational Services help nonprofits become more strategic and reflective while guiding them successfully through organizational issues.

We offer a variety of Organizational Services including:


Organizational Assessment (iCAT) >>

The Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT) is an assessment and planning tool that helps your nonprofit better understand its organizational capacity based on direct input from those who know you best -- your team and key stakeholders. By participating in the iCAT and its research-based questions, you will reflect and learn how your organization can better deliver on its mission. OneOC will guide you through administering the iCAT, interpreting the results and planning for improvement.


Nonprofit Sustainability Assessment

Nonprofit sustainability lies at the intersection of exceptional impact and financial viability. The Sustainability Mindset model offers nonprofit professionals and board members a step-by-step guide to move your organization towards this intersection. OneOC has adopted this model to provide The Program Impact Profitability matrix map; an accessible framework that combines financial and programmatic goals into an integrated strategy. In this next-step resource, OneOC will guide your organization through a detailed a rigorous process to develop a meaningful matrix map and engage leadership in setting your organization’s strategy.


What we do:

  • Step 1 - Education Meeting: A OneOC Expert will conduct a facilitated session with key internal stakeholders to review the program model, process and assessment tool.
  • Step 2 - Completing the assessment: Your OneOC Expert will take you and your team, step by step in completing the assessment tool requirements. This includes: defining your programs, assessing mission impact, determining profitability, and working with your finance team to identify accurate data.
  • Step 3 - Plotting and Analyzing Your Map: Analysis and written assessment of findings.
  • Step 4 - Initial Assessment: Facilitate meeting with key internal stakeholders on initial findings. Provide feedback to leadership on findings, focus areas and potential barriers.
  • Step 5 - Assessment Review with Board Members (Optional): Attend Board of Directors meeting to provide support as needed to the presentation.



Board Training and Retreat Facilitation

OneOC offers our Board Service 101 training for interested and beginning board members looking to educate themselves on their roles and responsibilities. The in-person training held at OneOC is offered bi-monthly and free to any one that wants to learn. Customized board service training topics can also be conducted at any board meeting or retreat, upon request, and OneOC Members receive exclusive discounts. Topics include:

  • Basic Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Boards Role in Fundraising
  • Board Recruitment and Engagement
  • How to Utilize Committees and Task Forces
  • Volunteer Engagement


OneOC Preferred Specialists >>

The OneOC Preferred Specialists list is comprised of carefully selected experts in the field of nonprofit consulting & training. Our vision is to be a valued resource to our nonprofit partners by providing highly skilled and vetted professionals that meet nonprofit needs and contribute to their organizational success.