Step Up and Lead - To Results Based Leadership

Step Up and Lead to Results Based Leadership is a 10-month leadership program designed for managers and supervisors who aspire to advance their career in the nonprofit or government sector.  Its blended learning model of video-based interactivity and in-person facilitated peer-to-peer discussion will show you smart, effective leadership strategies to gain more employee engagement, productivity and better business results. Combined with curriculum from Annie E. Casey’s results based facilitation model, this program is tailored especially for the nonprofit and government professional in mind.

2020 Session dates:

3/19, 4/16, 5/21, 6/25, 7/23, 8/13, 9/24, 10/15, 11/19, 12/17


Topics covered will include:

  • Lesson 1: Know Thyself – Recognizing reality to determine your destiny.
  • Lesson 2: Make a Connection – Improving the Quality of your relationships.
  • Lesson 3: Express Yourself – Exploring the impact of your words and actions.
  • Lesson 4: Eliminate Uncertainty – Setting clear expectations with those you lead.
  • Lesson 5: Set the Stage – Creating an environment of continual growth.
  • Lesson 6: Feedback for Change – Giving specific, timely feedback in as a safe way.
  • Lesson 7: Build a Bridge – Building connections between team members.
  • Lesson 8: Recognize & Celebrate! – Recognizing and appreciating a job well done.
  • Lesson 9: Show You Care – Developing an atmosphere of trust.

Whether you’re brand new to managing people or you’re an experienced leader, this opportunity will challenge you to take inspired action and perform at your highest level as a leader. It’s designed to help you get real results, fuel higher profits and transform your life and business.


Program Cost:

$1,200 OneOC Members

$1,500 Non-Members

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Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must currently be in the nonprofit or government sector and have an interest in advancing into positions with greater leadership responsibility during their career. Specifically, applicants must be managers (with at least one direct report).
  • Applicants must have the support of their organization to participate, and if accepted, will be invited to participate in a 10-month program requiring one full day a month out of the office.
  • Applicants must be able to complete all required pre-program work; attend at least 8 of the 10 program dates and implement lessons learned during at their organizations; and participate in any follow-up activities.
  • Applicants must currently work for a nonprofit with 501c3 status or government entity in Orange County.
  • Applicants, or their organization, must pay for cost of 10-month program and complete an online application for review.
Application Information
  • All information can be entered and uploaded using online application link.

    • First and Last Name, Title, Organization, Phone and Email. Optional: Gender, Ethnicity
    • Your resume (Upload document)
    • A 500- to 1000-word essay with the following questions answered in a comprehensive manner with complete sentences and in paragraph format:
      1. How would attending the Step Up and Lead – To Results Based Leadership benefit you/your organization?
      2. What are your organization’s current leadership challenges?
      3. Describe the nature of the work you manage and the challenges you have experienced as a leader.
    • Letter of recommendation (Upload document)
    Supervisor acknowledgement and approval signature, sample provided. (Upload document)