Survey Completion Instructions

How to Access the Survey

The survey can be accessed at Upon your first visit you can simply start filling out the survey. You must complete each page – so the system can verify that you’ve entered in valid responses -- before advancing to the next page (using the Next button at the bottom).

If you would like to save your answers without completing and submitting the survey, click “Save Your Answers Before Completing.” You will be asked for your email and a password. Then, every time you click the Next button at the bottom of the page, your entries will be saved. (DO NOT use your browser’s “back” function or the category navigation bar to move between sections without first clicking the “Save Your Answers Before Completing” button, or your responses will not be saved.)

To access a previously saved survey, click the “Recover Saved Answers” button at the top right.


How to Engage Your Colleagues

You may share your email and password with other members of your team to assist with the completion of your survey. Be careful, however, to avoid having multiple users respond to the same questions at the same time, to not inadvertently overwrite responses.


How to Print Your Survey (or save your responses as a PDF)

After you have submitted your survey, click the Print Survey button to print a hard copy of your responses or to create a PDF.

Please note: For multiple-choice questions, only the answer you select will be printed (not all possible answers), so you may wish to cross-reference with the full survey to see all your answering options.